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Belarus under increasing pressure from Russia

While NATO is staging the “Anaconda-16” exercises in Poland, Russian airforce conducts reconaissance flights over the territory of Belarus and has been redeploying the 28th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian armed forces in May 2016  from their base … Continue reading

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Russia stages another provocation against NATO in the Black Sea

(map) As Ukrainian military intelligence reports , the Russian airforce “exercised” the destruction of a group of NATO-ships in the Romanian port of Constanța, including USS Porter on 8 June 2016.

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Decadence of western elites threatening world peace

Russia is increasingly pushing its narrative of being forced to prepare for war against NATO and the US. Unfortunately, the narrative is well received in western liberal and anti-American circles, and used to “prove” NATO’s and American “aggressive” moves. Additionally, … Continue reading

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