Eastern Europe now has to stand together

Islamic terrorists attack Paris, and western leaders quickly readmit Russia in their circles. Obama, Merkel, Hollande – all suddenly talk with Putin without problems.

Does the fight of a terror group really need an alliance with the major terrorist – which is Russia?

The latest developments are the last confirmation that western European elites do not want to face realities: The main enemy is not the Islamic state, but Russia.

We will get to this conclusion in asking questions western media or politicians probably do not dare to ask themselves: Are the Islamic terrorists really able to organize sophisticated terror acts such as downing airplanes, planning combined attacks with a professional masking of traces and to cyber-attack crucial infrastructure? And which professional secret services have the knowledge and willingness to help them in conducting sophisticated operations?

The Islamic state does the dirty work, but – isn’t it the Russian leadership who is really profiting and nobody else? Aren’t those attacks helping Russia to advance its geopolitical interests in Ukraine, other Eastern European states and elsewhere?

Can we really avoid a future war in allying with a criminal and terrorist regime? Hasn’t Russia already declared war on the west in occupying Crimea, followed by a terrorist war in the Donbas, in leading a large-scale lie campaign on Russia’s deeds and geopolitical goals, in hacking government data bases in the US and western Europe, in conducting sophisticated cyber-attacks on western infrastructure and companies on a weekly basis?

Sadly, western elites and media live in their own reality, and continue to turn a blind eye on Russian crimes and have not the courage to name Russian terrorist acts “Russian terrorist acts”. There are plenty of examples for such Russian acts; one of the most convincing examples is flight MH-17 taken down with a Russian Buk missile. But western media and politics have repeated the narrative of “separatists” taking down the airplane for so long that they are convinced tractor drivers and miners are capable of handling such missiles.

Terrorist acts after MH-17 – in Ukraine and Western Europe – increased, such as attempts to conduct terrorist attacks. This will continue if the main driver behind terrorism, Russia, will not be named and fought. An alliance with Russia, officially for fighting Islamic terrorists is not a guarantee that such attacks will decrease, quite the opposite. Russia in its current shape is a terrorist state which will need more attacks, because this is the best measure how to prove the validity of its arguments, and to get politicians to the negotiation table. As some have argued, Russia (i.e. some affiliated terrorist groups) would also not shy away from launching a dirty bomb somewhere in Europe.

With whom does Russia “negotiate”? Its leaders have special skills to select parties known to be weak or to have interests with Russia. So it is quite telling that the “Normandy Four” never have accepted Poland or the Baltic states to be part of the negotiations – because they would rather pressure Russia to fulfil its obligations regarding the Minsk agreements, instead of putting pressure on Ukraine as Germany or France do. Also in the case of Islamist terrorism, Russia will prefer alliances with parties that have had interests with Russia. The French president is already rushing to Moscow. Others may quickly join if similar attacks happen in their countries.

So what does this mean for Ukraine, the Baltic States, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries in central-eastern Europe threatened by Russian further expansionism and less by Islamists (even if attacks also might happen there)?

It means to name realities: Germany, France, Italy or the UK are placing their national interests first, especially if it comes to geopolitics. They might be partners on some issues, but those states are not strategic allies in geopolitical struggles.

It means to act: Eastern European countries have to unite forces in order to be taken seriously, especially by Russia and Germany.

The economic collapse of Greece and the mass migration to Western Europe, in particular to Germany and Sweden, have shown that Eastern European countries are only accepted as partners in the EU if they consent to western – in these cases German – demands.

In regard to Greece, this basically means endless monetary support without a realistic perspective for real reforms (reforms, eastern European countries after 1989 or just now Ukraine have undertaken largely on their own and with huge sacrifices). Greece additionally is not willing to control its borders which are also the external borders of the European Union.

Just after the total collapse of Greece was again post-phoned in summer 2015, Germany’s political leader unilaterally decided to take in hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria into the EU. The politics of “open borders” for migrants can only be understood as what it is: It is a selfish social engineering experiment in order to transform the nature of European Union countries without asking its citizens for their consent, forcibly changing the ethnic composition of nation states.

Moreover, both crises – Greece and migrants – have mercilessly shown that a bankrupt pro-Russian state on Europe’s periphery and Muslim immigration politically count more than the concerns of states that lie east to Berlin or south-east to Vienna.

Those crises, plus the recent Russian geopolitical games, are a final “wake-up” call for Eastern Europe.

It is time for Eastern Europe to make a move, too.

Forget about Western Europe.

Form a common alliance against Russia in Europe.

PS Here is the most recent message from Germany to Eastern Europe: We are planning to ban you from Schengen as you have not done what we have wanted.


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Eingebetteter Bild-Link

The west cannot win this war if the east just does not exist for it.

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There is no cease-fire in Ukraine

Despite continued efforts from official bodies (western politicians, ATO-staff etc.) it is increasingly difficult to hide that Russia still has no interest in a real cease-fire: Terrorist units keep attacking Ukrainian positions around the Donetsk airport (Pisky, Opytne, Butovka…), in the Mariupol region, Avdiivka etc. – just follow @Guderian_Xaba @xuilolala @MarQs__  and @loogunda for updates.

There are daily losses among Ukrainian soldiers and civilians due to small arms, snipers, mines and booby traps. Ukrainian soldiers for the time being display overwhelming patience and discipline. Warfare at this point largely takes place in the cyberspace: For example, InformNapalm – to the outrage of official Russia – has published information on Russian material used in Syria and the personal data of Russian airfighters’ staff bombing the villages of the Syrian opposition.

Russia continues to fake withdrawal in redeploying and hiding material all over the occupied territories. The logic behind this game is only known to Gen.-Lt. Hassan Kaloev who supervises the Russian actions in the JCCC (which continues to be a vehicle for Russian actions).

The bigger logic is clear though: Russia is not interested in peace with Ukraine, and wants to have its material ready when the order for another attack will come. We know the Russian army has been training for an attack of Ukraine and the Baltic states, and this quite intensively. For the time being they have opted for warfare in Syria – which can also be regarded as some kind of compensation for inaction in eastern Europe. But don’t let yourself be fooled: The operations of the Russian army in Syria, such as bombing civilian quarters and hospitals with its airforce, using cluster bombs and the highly destructive flame-thrower TOS-1 Buratino (that also is deployed to the occupied Donbas), are also a rehearsal for a full-scale war with Ukraine.

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Protest song of farmers from Moldova against Putin

Show must go on – English with Romanian subtitles.

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Russian army red choir Aleksandrovci barracked in Prague

The Czech capital saw an extended protest against the two concerts of the Russian army choir last weekend (17/18 October). The choir propagates itself as “singing weapon” and among others “celebrates” Russia’s army occupying Crimea with the song “polite people“. The happening before the concert hall included the playing of the song “rusky šváb” (a critique of the Czech president being a big friend of Russia), and the presentation of a 12m poster of “Putler” under the motto of “occupants play for collaborants” and “Russia Hands-off Ukraine”. It was also a protest against the Czech collaborators Lucie Bílá, Karel Gott (who sung in former times with the choir and this time “only” visited) and Helena Vondráčková – The activists waved with NATO, EU and Ukrainian flags during the appearance of Vondráčková with the Russian choir. It was the first time since 1928 that an event of the formation had been disturbed in such a way.


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Will there be justice for MH-17 victims?

There are essential three reasons why reports of western investigators or western mass media will hardly bring justice to the MH17 victims:

Their arrogance and old-fashioned work codes that tend to ignore social media and the quick and efficient work of bloggers in that cause (for example Ukraine@war) – so their answers come late and many details the public is interested in are never communicated.

Their being convinced of being neutral, which of cause requires to invite the aggressor and present his view as equal (see the many, also contradictory, information Russia has passed on to be considered (check here for one telling example).

Too much respect of western decision-makers for the “great” autocratic power Russia and its lies, and much less appreciation for democratically ruled Ukraine and its fight for freedom, and for the fact that the claims of Ukrainian investigators have been consistent since 17 July 2014.

One pretty good case are the essential findings of the Dutch Safety Board published on its website, and summarized as following:

“The crash of flight MH17 on 17 July 2014 was caused by the detonation of a 9N314M-type warhead launched from the eastern part of Ukraine using a Buk missile system. So says the investigation report published by the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) today. Moreover, it is clear that Ukraine already had sufficient reason to close the airspace over the eastern part of Ukraine as a precaution before 17 July 2014. None of the parties involved recognised the risk posed to overflying civil aircraft by the armed conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine.”

So, there is no explicit mentioning to whom the Buk belonged and who operated it – it was not the purpose of this report to accuse Russia, but by now it is clear that it was not a Ukrainian Buk responsible for the disaster. However, the “independent” DSB keeps silent on Russia’s role. Instead it comes with Ukraine, and implicitly blames Ukraine for the shot-down: The country should have closed its airspace.

Why this? On 14 July and 16 July two Ukrainian airjets had been shot down near the Russian border, in one case by an air-to-air missile. The other plane, an An-26 transport machine, was hit over the Ukrainian-Russian border crossing Izvarino, the Ukrainians spoke of a Pantsir-S1 stationed in Russia; Russian propaganda later came with a Buk. The planes had been flying at some 6.250/6.300 meters. We see: Ukraine had no reason to close its airspace – two military jets had been targeted from Russian territory, and there were no indications that Russia was targeting civilian aircraft flying at high altitudes – MH17 was flying over 10.000 meters.

What do you make out of the fact that suddenly a civilian aircraft became a target at such an altitude? And that it becomes a target with a Russian Buk from the 53rd anti-missile brigade from Kursk, operated with the help of Russian personnel (who probably suspected to target a civilian airliner, but asked no questions)? The DSB above stated that “none of the parties involved recognised the risk posed to overflying civil aircraft by the armed conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine”. By such statements, western investigators again put the blame implicitly on Ukraine – it the airspace would have been closed there would have been no disaster – and exempt Russia for targeting Ukrainian aircraft, or worse, for deliberately aiming at civilian aircraft. Instead of discussing Ukrainian airspace (even if it is the job of the DSB), the Russians should answer the question why a Russian Buk was brought to Russian-occupied Snizhne: Was it to force the Ukrainian airforce to stay grounded, because of the high risk of being shot down, or was it because they had other plans?

The Ukrainians have offered explanations. The Buk was brought there because of a planned operation of the Russian special services; which essentially was to shoot down a civilian airliner as there was no Ukrainian aircraft to shoot down on 17 July 2014.

Such explanations are however hard to sell to the western public (or even investigators) that is fine with conspiracies involving the US, but dismisses such claims as absurd when it involves Russian special services.

And now?

The possible outcome of the MH17 investigations will be western victims suing Ukraine for the shot-down of the airplane (beacuse the airspace had not been closed) as investigators and western media representatives do not have the courage to say and write: “Yes, a Russian weapon equiped by Russian personnel was driven to Ukrainian territory Russia had occupied illegally in order to shoot down an airplane which we consider a terrorist attack.”

For now, it is up to Ukraine’s courage and energy to push its own findings and to get them in front of court in order to prove the involvement of Russia’s secret services and Russia’s deliberate targeting of MH17.

PS: A recent report of The New Yorker on Lybia’s secret services placing a bomb on Pan Am Flight 103 over Scottish Lockerbie, downing it on 21 December 1988 (270 dead, no survivors), reveals striking parallels with MH17. And it is only thanks to the brother of a victim, Ken Dornstein, that the fate of some of the murderers became known to a broader public.Will there be a Dutch Ken Dornstein?

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Brussel’s Juncker wants to cooperate with Russia

The Russian leadership is responsible for many ten thousand dead both in Chechnya and Ukraine, and now wages war in the Middle East.

But this does not frighten Europen elites. The more self-confident and aggressive Russia acts, the more they want to be good friends with Russian leaders, especially those westerners who have been socialized during the Cold War and have false assumptions that German appeasement (“Ostpolitik”), pro-Soviet and leftist stances led to the break-down of the Soviet Union.

It is those who are also convinced that a few western NATO soldiers in the Baltic countries and 28.000 US soldiers in Europe pose an essential threat to Russian security – but Iskander missiles stationed on Crimea and/or Kaliningrad, and air bases in Belarus just guarantee Russian security.

So, Europe will treat Russia properly and address it as equal and in return ignore Russia’s wars, lies and increasingly reckless efforts to destruct the EU and NATO.

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