Russia announces total military and civil mobilization

On 20 September, the Russian defense ministry had announced it had ready a document on providing the legal base in order to allow the mobilization of the civil population in times of war.

On 2 October, the press service of the Russian defense ministry has proclaimed a total check of all Russian military units for the whole month of October.

Additionally, it has to be stated that there has been no reliable information on Russia having withdrawn its forward units deployed to its western borders in the last weeks. In contrary, movement of Russian units west and into selected directions (e.g. Kaliningrad) has continued, as well as trainings with the Belarussian army (e.g. in the Pskov region according to official reports).

As of 9 October, Russian reservists and “foreign volunteers” are also allowed to operate abroad within the Russian army (wars, “anti-terrorism” operations etc.)

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