Denmark warns of Russian attacks on infrastructure

“State-supported Russian hacker groups are ready to attack hospitals, infrastructure and the electrical supply by breaking into computer systems and creating a mess of notices and treatments within the health system” – so the Danish Defense Minister Frederiksen.

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Canada ignores Russian military build-up in the Arctic

Just after another demonstrative Russian paratrooper exercise near the North Pole, Canadian media discuss the weak response of their government (and NATO) towards the Russian military build-up in the Artic region (see blow for operationable Russian military bases and a map).

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More propaganda on bombing Ukraine

Rostislav Ishchenko – who also has pushed the idea that Russia should occupy the Baltic states – this week had a chance to present his current views on Ukraine on Russian TV, finding Russian ground forces would suffer significantly if  they decided to go for Ukrainian cities. Other participants of the “Evening with (propagandist) Vladimir Solovyev” proposed to take Aleppo as an example (see here, or here in English).

There are a few points such “discussions” do not consider (and suggest the public might be lured into an adventure against Ukraine). Those points are for example that Russia will not fight “terrorists”, but a regular army and possible effective weapons against Russian aircraft – such as the infamous Buk-missiles – or the fact that Ukrainians have defended attacked targets stubbornly (e.g. the Donetsk airport).

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More calls for “enlarging” Russia emerge

A professor of the international relations department of the University of St. Petersburg has told the world how Estonia is a military threat to Russia – and how to evade (or provoke) war with Estonia and NATO.

To test more reactions, a few days ago “representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia and the Donbass, together with USSR peoples deputies led by Sasha Umalatova and Russian Duma deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov, met in the framework of the National Liberation Movement of the USSR” and signed a document demanding among others “the start of negotiations with political representatives, public organizations and citizens of the USSR republics concerning the restoration of the internationally-recognized borders of the USSR which were confirmed by the UN on the basis of the result of World War II.”


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Russia also finds that Belarus is theirs

Just a few hours after a Russian pundit stepped out with demands to use the Russian aviation and cruise missiles against Ukraine, Leonid Reshetnikov (director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies RISS) found that Belarus is not really an own country, and in fact a part of Russia.

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Russia thinks aloud to bomb Ukraine

It now is clear that Donald Trump will be the next US president, and Russia has quickly reacted in Ukraine: First, with so far unsuccessful attempts to seize better positions at Svitlodarsk (northwest of the Debaltseve region) – which has been totally ignored by the “western world”, also because of a row of prevented and executed terrorist attacks in western European countries this week. Second, Russia has threatened to further invade and bomb Ukraine, if it would again “violate the cease-fire” (of course, the Russian occupation forces are responsible for continuous provocations and attacks, but who would care beyond Ukraine).

Russian occupation forces on the Donbas-territories at the moment lack sufficient ground troops for a serious invasion as they are largely demoralized and would need a serious backup. In contrary, the Russian airforce has gained sufficient “motivation” from its civilian-bombing campaign at Aleppo, and could be now – as Aleppo has basically surrendered – send against Ukraine.

The Russian airforce however should not to be too confident it will face an “enemy” as unprotected as in Syria.

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Sweden orders local authorities to prepare for war

Apparently Sweden returns to the concept of “Total Defense” applied during the Cold War – and ordered communities to take according preparations.

This comes after it was communicated the island of Gotland was to turn down a Russian request to use a strategic harbour for North Stream in order to “construct pipes“.

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