Russia disrupting the world order

– faster than any western media or mainstream politican is able to react.

Just take the first two weeks of 2017:

Together with President-elect Trump there has been a serious move against Chinese expansionist politics and implicit global aspirations of China

Russia has moved against the democratic government in Libya (Tripolis), sending a message it will support its enemies

Russia, together with Serbia, have moved against the whole Albanian world in staging a provocation against northern Kosova (in sending a propaganda train which was stopped at the border) – prompting President Thaci to warn of a Crimea-style occupation of the Serbian-populated part of northern Kosova.

Those are all regions, Russia claims to have “interests”.

Four days before the inauguration of Trump, provocations in two very important regions of “Russian interest” are lacking:

a serious provocation against Ukraine (even if the use of heavy artillery and attacks on Ukrainian positions have increased lately).

a bigger provocation in the Baltic region.


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