Russia thinks aloud to bomb Ukraine

It now is clear that Donald Trump will be the next US president, and Russia has quickly reacted in Ukraine: First, with so far unsuccessful attempts to seize better positions at Svitlodarsk (northwest of the Debaltseve region) – which has been totally ignored by the “western world”, also because of a row of prevented and executed terrorist attacks in western European countries this week. Second, Russia has threatened to further invade and bomb Ukraine, if it would again “violate the cease-fire” (of course, the Russian occupation forces are responsible for continuous provocations and attacks, but who would care beyond Ukraine).

Russian occupation forces on the Donbas-territories at the moment lack sufficient ground troops for a serious invasion as they are largely demoralized and would need a serious backup. In contrary, the Russian airforce has gained sufficient “motivation” from its civilian-bombing campaign at Aleppo, and could be now – as Aleppo has basically surrendered – send against Ukraine.

The Russian airforce however should not to be too confident it will face an “enemy” as unprotected as in Syria.


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