Russia moves Bastion missiles to strategic outposts

According to Russian statements, Russia this week moved “Bastion” missiles to Kaliningrad and two Kuril Islands (opposite Japan). They will just add to other military hardware already deployed there. For the Baltic region this signifies that Russia de facto has established anti-access and area denial, i.e. Russia will be able to block NATO reinforcements in the case of a move against Baltic countries or other states in the region.

Additionally, the “Bal” subsonic anti-ship missile system would be deployed with the Baltic and Northern Fleet.

The recent moves fit into a greater picture enforcing Russian military outposts in order to “defend” the country:


Additionally, Barents Observer quoted “Spetsstroj” in mid-December announcing it had completed the Kotelny base (24), with the Nagurskoje base in Franz Josef Land (22) reported to be 98 percent finished. Moreover, new buildings would be added to Wrangel Island (25) and Shmidt (20), where eight new buildings will stand ready by the end of the year, with more buildings to be set up next year.


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