NATO has no plan to defend Europe if Russia should attack

British General Sir Richard Barrons this week told the British Times

“Russia could deploy tens of thousands of troops into Nato territory within 48 hours, backed by warplanes and ships, whereas it would take Nato months to do the same.”

This effectively means:

1.NATO has no plan to defend eastern Europe and the Baltic region

2. Responsible are Germany, France and Italy (with Germany spearheading, most recently Economic Minister Gabriel shaking hands with the Russian president and Foreign Minister Steinmeier blaming Asad for obstructing the cease-fire at the UN General Assembly while the Russian airforce was bombing Aleppo).

3. Measures NATO is taking are purely symbolic – the effective strength of NATO forces being combat-ready against Russia is not sufficient for convincing bluffing.

Also the recent measure of Sweden to put 150 soldiers on Gotland without artillery and anti-air defense systems – amongst reports of “Russian tourists” inquiring and threatening military personnel on the island – is not likely to alter the plans of the Russian leadership to restore its old sphere of influence in the region.


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