Germany refusing US troops to enter Poland

Reportedly, there has been more German obstruction of NATO: According to Polish reports, US troops were refused to enter Poland (they are currently heading for the “Anaconda-2016” drills in Poland that will start in June – afterwards some of the military material is to be supposed to stay in the region). Additionally, Germany does not want Ukraine to participate in the drills.

On the other hand, Germany has been pressured to do more for NATO (just recently during Obama’s visit of Hanover). Such, the country might send soldiers to Lithuania, Spiegel reported and found Germany would be the “leader nation” to build up a NATO-battalion in Lithuania (after the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw in July would have agreed to such measures). But the question remains on how suited the Bundeswehr is for such a task. At the beginning of April, Bild reported that new regulation on working hours among others had the effect, the German army could only participate 12 days in a NATO-exercise in Norway (despite the planned month; otherwise the accumulation of overtime would be devastating). Just two days ago, media discussed the annual report of the military evoyee of the German parliament. The example of a tank battalion was given that possibly would be involved in new NATO-tasks: It was ill-equipped and had to borrow material for exercises from other units. The report suggested the state of the German army now is similar to the quality of the Ukrainian army in spring 2014.



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