Italy, Greece and Hungary still making military deals with Russia

Mikhail Samus, an expert at the Ukrainian Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (CACDS) stated that those countries continued to have arms deals with Russia despite the sanctions regime:

Italy was probably contributing most directly to Russia’s war in the Donbas: It continued to supply Iveco LMV “Lynx” light armored vehicles to the Russian Ministry of Defense (the contract had been on the purchase of 350 vehicles; 2014, 81 machine sets were imported from Italy, in 2015 – 93 sets). The end recipient was situated in the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky (Rostov region, 91th Central Base of the Reserve of Motor Vehicles). This suggested an immediate deployment of the vehicles to the Ukrainian frontier.

The Greek Parliament ratified an agreement with Russia on the supply of military products in mid-January 2016, pushing military expenditures while cutting on social budget posts. Despite being a NATO member, Greece has heavily realied on Russian military equipment.

The Hungarian Ministry of Defense intended to purchase some 30 Mi-8/17 multipurpose helicopters from Russia (to be discussed during a visit of Viktor Orbán in Russia on 17 February 2016) and was to discuss further cooperation with Rosatom concerning the expansion of the Paks II Nuclear Power Plant.


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