US General warns again of Russian provocation in the Baltics

While the US President continues to “happy-talk” the geopolitical situation, US Air Force General Frank Gorenc repeated his December 2015 warning that the Russian surface-to-air missile systems in Kaliningrad are “layered in a way that makes access to that area difficult” – with a spillover effect in parts of Poland and the Baltics, should NATO jets operate there. He repeated that the situation was “very serious.”

See also a recent RAND Corporation report “wargaming the Baltic States” that found out current NATO “defense” was useless. Successful scenarios would require a force of “about seven brigades, including three heavy armored brigades—adequately supported by airpower, land-based fires, and other enablers on the ground and ready to fight at the onset of hostilities” (=assuming the political will of NATO wanting to defend the Baltics).

See also a discussion of NATO not being able to defend the Baltic States at Foreign Policy, or Bild. Interestingly, there have no official NATO reactions to Rand’s report yet.

(updated 8 February 2016).


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