Double standards on terrorism in the west and other parts of the world

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The west cannot win this war if the east just does not exist for it.

Update: See also a Facebook post published as an answer to French journalists who attacked Ukrainian President Poroshenko for daring to compare terrorism vicitims in Ukraine and Paris at the end of November 2015:

Attention French journalists: Russian terrorism is more dangerous than Islamic State

Russia’s undeclared war in Ukraine is terrorism as brutal as the IS attacks in Paris argues Ukrainian journalist

The following article is a Ukraine Today translation of an opinion piece published by Ukrainian journalist Aleksandra Kovaleva on her personal Facebook page. 

Yesterday several French journalists went onto Twitter to express their indignance that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko dared to compare the terrorist attacks in Paris with the situation in Ukraine. Thank you, French journalists, for your frankness, it seems, that you finally honestly acknowledged your, well, kind of Nazism, I guess. The concept of good old-fashioned chauvinism probably won’t work here.

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Come clean, you outraged French journalists, if Obama had compared the terrorist attack in Paris to September 11, the question would not have arisen, right? Tell me honestly, you wouldn’t be hurt, at least no one would have been offended. Because in your world, drawn by well-fed bourgeois, there are good people and there are… so-so.

No, please do not think that the French owe us something. We’ll assume that the West paid off the Budapest Memorandum with IMF loans (although it would be good to return the warheads…).
And no one owes anything to anybody. We’ll do everything ourselves.

The one thing which bothers me are the attempts of this society to pretend to be liberal Democrats, and this total deceit.

Сегодня некоторые французские журналисты (@stefsiohan, @gullivercragg и @ChristopherJM) в своих твиттерах возмутились те…

Posted by Aleksandra Kovaleva on Monday, 30 November 2015

The French terrorist attacks caught us on vacation in Berlin. Two days later, when I was flying home to Kiev, I read the Financial Times issue devoted to the terrorist attacks in Paris. Among the articles there were the first cautious positive materials about Putin. Yes, now they need him to fight ISIS and Europe knows how to make friends with dictators, to feed them the weaker countries, it was proven by Hitler, Stalin. Through reading, I was wondering, will Europe try to feed Ukraine to Putin, like they fed Poland, Chechoslovakia, ect. to Hitler?

Watch also Exclusive: Terror attacks in France and Ukraine – similarities and differences of terrorists

The first few pages were enough for me to start crying. Not because of resentment for our war, and because of lack of remorse among the signatories of the Budapest Memorandum. Rather, because of the destruction of myths. Due to the Financial Times I clearly understood that we live in a world of triumphant, economically determined Nazism. At least Europe for sure. And I clearly understood that the vast majority of the world – Africa, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, are the Untermenschen [undermen, subhumans] as they used to be called by some Europeans some time ago.
Our feelings and our pain are not that important. No matter what democratic faces told us on the BBC about equality, the lives of the Untermenschen [subhumans] are irrelevant in the world of victorious Nazism.

Who cares that 8,000 people were killed in the Donbas from the Russian terror [estimates are better to put around 50.000, Russian „volunteer“ and regular military personnel included, remark osteuropastudien]. Who cares that hundreds of thousands of Crimean Tatars are now feel like life hostages in Crimea. Who cares that children are blown up by mines, and Russian terrorists rip open the bellies of Ukrainians. It’s about the children and the bellies of Ukrainians. 130 French people are valued so much higher that we shouldn’t even try to compare their grief with ours [see also the blog post Russian war crimes in Ukraine].

And anyway, ISIS are the true terrorists here, and Russia is just a hooligan. Because ISIS kills real French people, and Russia is killing unreal Ukrainians.

Now the French journalists are troubled in their Twitters about the statement of Poroshenko, and say that he allegedly uses the tragedy of the great French to bring attention to his little funny munchkins and gillikins. How did he dare? How did he dare to try to draw attention to the dead Untermenschen? After all, France has a real tragedy, and we, we just went for a walk (and  actually, stop dying, Ukrainians. You make us bored with your wars and Russian attacks). How did he dare to draw attention to the obvious double standards of this supposedly democratic world? Shut up, everybody, we the French, are in mourning. And we, the French, have the right to reproach Poroshenko, and Poroshenko can not reproach us, just because he cannot, ever.

Watch also Poroshenko: France and Ukraine are ‘protecting shared European values’ against terror

I faced kind of the same situation, when I was asking my European friends, where was their solidarity, when Lebanon faced terrorist attacks, and where were they and at least their thematic photoes on social networks with Lebanese flags, when I went to Lebanese Embassy with flowers. I never heard a concrete answer. I had my guesses though. But now I would like to ask straight.

Dear outraged French journalists, you are the journalists, and I’m a journalist too (among other things). You have French education and I have a French education as well. You know two languages and I know three languages. You travel all over the world and I travel all over the world. So tell me, what makes me less relevant in your eyes? The fact that I was born in the wrong country, isn’t it?

Admit, at least to yourself, that you consider yourself more important, otherwise why there is such reaction and unwillingness to compare your pure tragedy with my dirty one?
Show some balls once in your life and admit that you consider yourself people of a better quality, just because you have better salary and you eat better cheese. At least it would be honest. Otherwise what is your reason?

Le Pen is applauding. Everything is fine in the world of the French. You could be not ashamed of your lazy petty-bourgeois xenophobia, you could scratch your belly and say that immigrants take your jobs, you could not think that immigrants, excuse me, – from former colonies of France, or from the countries where the great France was an organizer or a participant of bloody massacres. You could skillfully forget the agreement of Sykes-Picot, and also skillfully ignore your responsibility for the war in Syria. And finally, you can resent the fact that someone dared to compare lives of 130 clean French people with thousands lives of Ukrainians, Lebanese or Syrians. Note that French journalists can do it. I cannot.

P. S. My boyfriend is French. He has a large wonderful family, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers. For four years we all the time talk on the phone, and see each other at least once a year. They know what happened on the Maidan, they know how many times I went to the war zone, and many of them have already been to Ukraine.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris I with my boyfriend and lit candles near the French Embassy in Prague, then we went to the French Embassy in Berlin. And then I, already alone, I brought flowers to the Embassy of France in Kyiv.

I don’t know, if someone from the family of my boyfriend put flowers near the Embassy of Ukraine. I hope so.



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