Ukraine gets hold of Russian plan for large-scale invasion

Specialists from the group “Mirotvorets” acquired documents from the Russian General Staff that confirm Russia’s intentions to invade and occupy the Ukrainian territories east of the Dnipr.

The General Staff of the western military disctrict already agreed on the plan at the beginning of April in Petersburg – and wanted it to be carried out in spring/early summer 2015. It forsees to skirt big cities, and to cut communication lines and destroy infrastructure within 15 days. Such an operation would be carried out by battalion tactical groups (BTG) of the Russian regular army – as Dmytro Tymchuk (Information Resistance) also has repeatedly underlined in his military updates.

The invasion would be backed by massacres of civilians – in order to blame the Ukrainian army and justify the advance – and be again disguised as “DNR/LNR”-operation. It would be splitted into two parts: First an attack of the Kharkiv / Donetsk Oblasts, then of Poltava, Kyiv and Chernihiv. The increasing activities of (Belo)Russian military on the border with Ukraine support those intentions (see the most recent military exercises)

The Russian soutern military disctrict for its part worked out a plan to attack Zaporizhiya and Melitopol in order to open up a corridor to Crimea.

We can assume there are similar plans with Transnistria, according to recent Russian propaganda and military activities in the region.





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