Europe is an easier target for Russia than Ukraine

Foremost, because Europe refuses to realize that Russia seriously has embarked on its project to destroy the European Union and to split western Europe and the US after the occupation of Crimea.

One instrument it the financing of European extremist parties.

But the arguments of Tymothy Snyder are even more valid. In an video he presented how Russia’s “European” propaganda war is functioning, its primary target being the European left-oriented public and journalists, who make up a great percentage of the western European populations. Persons with leftist views are especially vulnerable for Russian arguments including “fascists”, “anti-semites”, “imperialist” NATO etc.

This has perfectly worked out. There has been much more public outrage against possible NATO expansion and US arms deliveries than empathy with the approx. 50.000 dead and over a million refugees in the Donbas (for whom very little humanitarian help has been coming in).

Currently, there are Russian preparations for another propaganda campaign: Ukraine is responsible for the “ecological destruction” of Crimea. The reasons is to get more support for a future larger military campaign in south-eastern Ukraine, both domestic and within the European left and ecological movement.


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