Putin threatens to use nuclear warheads against Ukraine, EU

There are two reasons why Germany’s Merkel and France’s Hollande humiliated themselves in Moscow.

The first one is to prevent the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. Those and other European politicians are supported by various ‘experts’ and non-Ukrainian media who claim Ukrainians would use the weapons to either escalate the crisis (i.e. to bomb Russia), would not know how to use them or have an army that is not capable of fighting. Strange enough, the Ukrainian army has been able to prevent a break-through of the Russian army on the front in the Russian January 2015 campaign. But it is easy to ignore this if we have “local rebels” or “Russian-backed separatists” (now more popular) that do the fighting or even a “civil war”. Preventing weapon deliveries to Ukraine at this stage is irresponsible and sets the stage for war in EU and NATO countries.

The second reason is that the Russian president has deployed the ballistic missile system Iskander in Kaliningrad and on Crimea. This system is capable of launching nuclear warheads. Informnapalm reports several sources provided information the Russian president warned of using them ahead of US Secretary of State Kerry’s visit in Kyiv on 5 February 2015.

See the possible range on the following graph (Informnapalm):

This threat reportedly was directed against Ukraine – but it is also a direct threat against the EU (see graph on the deployment of all Russian Iskanders possible to reach EU countries).

The most powerful EU leaders allow themselves to be harassed and still talk to a man that never has kept his promises. In spring/summer 2014, he threatened to invade Ukraine – Ukraine was invaded besides all talks and agreements. Now, he threatens to use Iskander missiles. There are talks and agreements. He won’t stick to talks and agreements, and if he finds it necessary, he will use them.

Talks do not prevent action.

Action prevents action.

Arm Ukraine now.

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