Non-military actions Ukraine should take NOW

Fully agree with DajeyPetros who writes: “As was expected, and now that Russia has sufficiently reinforced Donbas, the situation is getting out of control again in East-Ukraine: Volnavakha, Donetsk Airport has fallenLeninsky district Donetsk. Mariupol. Risk of Ilovaisk 2.0 at Debaltseve. Ukrainian POWs getting executed and filmed while they die…Here are some suggestion that Ukraine (and it’s partners) IMMEDIATELY have to do to enhance the situation:

There should be a serious cyber attack on the Russian Troll centre in St. Petersburg putting them out for months, since this is heart of online Russian Propaganda defense.

ARREST Major General Vyaznikov who is on the Ukrainian side of the frontline now in Soledar. He controls and orders the Russian forces in Donbas. See this blog.
Or AT LEAST evict him.

CLEANSE OSCE. Expel all Russian and Serbian citizens working for OSCE SMM. See this blog” (including the example of a fomer long term observer in Serbia who was/is OSCE_SMM observer for Germany tweeting Russian propaganda). However, the most recent failure of the OSCE underlines this mission should be abandoned. The OSCE has allowed a Russian general and his staff to evict to Soledar for “security reasons” from the joint military center (OSCE, Russia, Ukraine) at Debaltseve,  leaving Debaltseve unprotected and by this issusing an informal invitation for the Russian forces to attack. The OSCE has maintained its neutrality in regard to obvious Russian preparations for aggression – this no longer makes the organization neutral, but pro-Russian. Thus Ukraine: cancel the OSCE-mission! This mission has neither made the situation better nor prevented any of the many Russian crimes in the Donbas or beyond. If you want to get a picture of what the OSCE should do, but does not, then check out the work of the analysts DajeyPetros and Conflict Reporter.


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