Antworten auf rechtliche Aspekte

zu dem Machtwechsel in der Ukraine und der russischen Besatzung der Krim hat die amerikanische Botschaft Moskau umfassende Antworten:

Claim:  We need to return to the February 21 agreement, which the opposition failed to implement.

Response:  As part of the agreement, the Ukrainian Parliament (the Rada) passed a bill to return Ukraine to the 2004 Constitution. Under the terms of the agreement, Yanukovych had 24 hours to sign this legislation, after which the protesters would need to evacuate certain government buildings and take other de-escalatory steps.  Instead of signing the legislation, Yanukovych left Kyiv and ultimately Ukraine.  Yanukovych is the one who failed to implement the February 21 agreement. Yanukovych’s party has moved on, voting in favor of legislation removing him from office and establishing a new government.

Claim:  Ukraine’s government is illegitimate or not representative.

Response:  The new government was approved by the Rada with 371 votes, an overwhelming majority of Ukraine’s parliament, with the support of all political parties except the Communists.   Even Yanukovych’s Party of Regions (POR) voted in favor of the new government just days after he disappeared.  While POR is not represented in the current government, this is a political decision and does not indicate lack of support for the policies of the government.  In fact, almost all legislation passed by parliament since Yanukovych’s departure has enjoyed majority support from POR.

Claim:  The Rada is under the influence of extremists or terrorists.

Response:  The Rada is the most representative institution in Ukraine, and recent legislation has passed with large majorities, including from representatives of eastern Ukraine.



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